What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Nutrition Services


* What was your nutrition like prior to the service.

Prior to the service my nutrition was inconsistent, from eating too much food or eating the wrong kind of foods. 


* What was your biggest struggle with nutrition prior to the service.

My biggest struggle was investing any time to learn how to prepare food that would do my body justice. Quite simply, I was working long hours every day and by the time I arrived home the last thing I wanted to do was cook, it was easier to simply “try” to control my portion sizes. My work was (is) highly stressful and my sleep was all over the place. However, in hindsight it was the combination of constantly eating out late at night with a glass of wine or some other adult beverage that snuck up on me (for years!), as well as the constant consumption of alcohol. 


* What made the Nutrition with Snez at Ausletics stand out from other options?

Snez customized a nutrition program based on my work schedule, gym timeframe and asked me about the quality of my sleep and hydration. From there she took into account the kinds of foods I would typically eat and would adjust from there. I made it clear that I didn’t want to stop eating carbs (or rice, for that matter) and I am glad that message was heard. She explained the rationale and “why” she stood behind her recommendations, encouraging me to pause on reading discrepant articles that were causing me much confusion on the nutrition wagon and to just trust the process. In a nutshell, it was an act of deliberately trusting that she knew her stuff that made this program different. 


* What features do you like best about this service?

Fortunately I’m not picky on eating most vegetables and, while learning how to cook new vegetables has a slight learning curve, am pleased on the variety of foods I was eating as well as the volume, where I could eat at reasonable timeframes and still feel nourished.


* What have you been able to achieve since using our nutrition service

I feel as though I’ve retaken control of what I was eating more consistently and have learned about new foods to consume in lieu of more processed foods. I’ve significantly cut down on my sugar consumption (and was surprised since I am eating more fruit), and have for the most part lost the cravings for bad things I used to struggle with. 

* What has exceeded your expectations since working with Snez on Nutrition?

Early on I said to Snez that I really wanted to lose fat and “look more closely like I was fit” than I have been, and if that meant by the end of the program I would be about the same weight but would have a better body composition that would be fine with me. The 11 pounds I lost in the first five weeks or so was a pleasant surprise, in fact recently at my workplace commented that they noticed the change in my body composition which sparked a conversation about nutrition and weightlifting. 


* What’s the main reason you would recommend the nutrition service?


This nutrition service isn’t a diet, diets are short term and unsustainable. This program is a deliberate and cognizant change customized to you and your body’s needs, it’s a commitment. I’ll admit there is some discomfort in completely trusting someone in something as personal as eating food, but Snez is there to help walk you through each step of the way to help you reach your goals.