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"I joined Ausletics this past Spring and have enjoyed every second of being surrounded by such amazing people. This community has cheered me on during workouts and have encouraged me to become the best version of myself. I definitely had my doubts joining a CrossFit facility because I had no clue on proper form with lifting weights and other exercises that are incorporated in the workout of the day. The Coaches at Ausletics have been extremely helpful and have safely taught me how to do the movements correctly so that I will not injure myself and so that I may get the most out of the workouts. Not only have I improved with my fitness performance, but the Coaches have also shared their wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and meal plans. With this I have been able to break bad eating habits and have better energy throughout the week. At heart I am an introvert and I never thought I would enjoy working out with what was strangers in the beginning. But now I can't imagine not being apart of this Crossfit community and without the friendships I've made at this Crossfit. If your looking for a positive change in your physical and mental well being I would suggest you start with taking a class at Ausletics. You will realize you have more strength and determination than you ever thought and as a bonus have a privilege to workout with such an inspiring crew"  

-Charah Mulder

"Finding a box that truly listens to its customers and makes their experience a priority is a tough find. Ausletics has a solid coaching staff, they are organized, prompt, execute and keep a very clean facility. Great programming and people. Enjoy every minute here!" 

- Frank Gomez 

"I have been at Ausletics since the day it opened. It has been the best decision for me!! The programming is set up so that whether your a beginner or advanced, it works for your level. Most importantly, the coaching is beyond the best!! Their knowledgeable, patient, motivating, committed. They are here to help you with whatever your goals may be. I have always wanted to be a part of a great community and I'm proud and happy I found Ausletics!!"

- Anna Ketcherside 

"The Best Coaches and Community. Everyone is welcoming and supportive regardless of whatever fitness level you are at. The Coaches truly care about you as a person and will help you reach your goals. The gym itself is amazing with top of the line equipment and is always kept clean and properly functioning. I'm so happy I found Ausletics!" 

- R.J De La Cruz 

"My wife and I started at Ausletics about a year ago. We were looking for a new crossfit gym and a friend of ours suggested we come check out Ausletics. It was brand new at the time and we attended the grand opening, signed up for a month to try it out. Snez and the rest of the coaches are amazing and love what they do, it shows in their coaching and how they treat their members. We absolutely love working out here. Come in and try it out, we guarantee its the gym you've been looking for." 

- Roland Gutierrez 

"Ausletics oozes authencity, commitment and integrity from the minute you walk in the door. The coaching is UNPARALLELED, the facility is amazing, programming is varied and challenging, the community is strong and close. I have been impressed and thankful for this gym I call mine"

- Becka Burke 

"I have been coming to Ausletics for 4 months now and I don’t regret a single second spent in this gym. I decided I needed something more stimulating for myself personally than what I was getting from my local 24 gym. After driving by ausletics so many times I decided what the heck, I’ll pop in. I was instantly greeted by Snez and after talking for a few minutes she invited to a free session. I showed up the next day and the rest is history. I had 0 experience in CrossFit prior to joining ausletics; I was just a regular guy at the gym doing my best to go as often as I could. All the coaches at Ausletics (Snez, Aree, and Sharon) go out of their to make sure that you understand the basics prior to allowing you to even lift anything even near heavy, and that’s what truly puts this gym above par. They will stop you to make sure you stay healthy and that’s important to me. Along with great coaching, the facility is well kept, organized, and clean. Lastly not only do you get to be apart of this great gym you are part of a community that strives to push each other and is also a safe environment where anyone can achieve their personal fitness goals."

- Greg Sianez